If you decide to hire us to manage your Greater Sacramento Area property, you will not be disappointed with the service that we deliver. In addition to the items mentioned on our home page, we offer you the following:

  • Experience – With a combined 30+ years in commercial property management, sales, leasing and in handling financial transaction, there is absolutely nothing that can come up which we cannot effectively handle.
  • Thinking “Outside of the Box” – When it comes to solving problems nothing is off limits. We are creative and always find a way to solve problems. We always find a way, no matter how difficult it might be.
  • Highest Ethical and Moral Standards – We are always transparent and always honest. We tell the truth even if it hurts. We strive to do what’s right and never compromise with our standards. This is the very foundation on which this company was founded.
  • Meticulous Attention to Detail – We always strive for superior client service so we painstakingly track details so that nothing gets missed. We believe that a keen focus on “the basics” is the key to success.